What we do

We are a software company specialized in building solutions for the increasingly connected world.

We advise businesses and drive technological change. Our core area of expertise is innovation driven by Social and Mobile Applications, Cloud Technology, Analytics and the emergence of the Internet of Things.

We help both entrants and established companies improve their business capabilities and technological proficiencies enabling them to compete in the increasingly fast paced and digitalized world.

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Whatever your business domain there are opportunities everywhere to increase value for your clients by building the solutions of tomorrow

Together we can help you navigate to the right technology choices and build next generation software solutions empowering your customers and clients

We are a friendly group of skilled, experienced and passionate developers focused on a lean approach delivering maximal value to your organization as quickly as possible.

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Martin Sponholtz


  • Consultant - Danske Bank MobilePay
  • Head of Software Dev. / CTO - Danske Commodities
  • Solution Architect / Consultant - MjĂžlner
https://dk.linkedin.com/in/sponholtz martin@nomadics.dk


  • Solution Architect
  • Big Data Expert
  • Expert .NET developer
  • Driver of Innovation & Change
  • Entrepreneur


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8000 Aarhus C
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